German Designer Starred in the Ukrainian Brand

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 28, 2022
German Designer Starred in the Ukrainian Brand

Frank Wilde became a model for clothes of the Ukrainian brand "Aisenberg"

German designer and stylist Frank Wilde have been supporting Ukraine since February 24. He tells the working country. He also worked in Russia but chooses the "side of freedom". Every day the designer posts on Instagram a photo in blue-yellow-sunflower-Ukrainian style from the elevator, which reminds us of the existence of Ukraine and its problem — the Russian aggressor. Frank Wilde often presents light with the Ukrainian flag or is dressed in a yellow-blue colour scheme. However, the German star has never taken part in advertising brands of clothes.

"This print is based on one of my personal signature looks, and «NO WAR» on the colours of the Ukrainian flag sends a clear message nobody could unsee. The horrible war in Ukraine is not over and we will not be silent about it. Also, I said it before, and I say it again: fashion is political. It does matter what you wear," Frank Wilde.

Ukrainian brand Aisenberg was created in Odesa. The company's designers specialize in stylish everyday clothes. Recently, the brand presented a new collection, the face of which was a German stylist.

"For Frank, it is the first stone, and for the Aisenberg brand, it is a small victory on the way to the roots of Berlin's fashionable houses," the Aisenberg company told about his work with Frank in Ukraine.

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