“Google” Blocks “Google Workspace” of Russian Companies 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, August 15, 2023
“Google” Blocks “Google Workspace” of Russian Companies 

Several companies under economic sanctions have already lost access, and this is likely just the beginning

On August 10, Google began blocking access to Google Workspace for Russian companies under USA and European sanctions. Google cited the "spam activity" of these companies as the reason for this decision. This is reported by the Russian news resource Kommersant, referring to the members of these companies. It is known that there are already several such companies in Russia today, but their names are not given.

Today, approximately 30% of all Russian corporate data is located on Google Workspace, so disconnection from this resource will entail financial and reputational losses for companies that have been sanctioned and deprived of the right to use Google Workspace.

Participants in the Russian IT sphere believe that the list of disconnected companies will only expand in the future.

Microsoft took similar measures against the companies of the aggressor country.

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