“Grain From Ukraine” Initiative

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 27, 2022
“Grain From Ukraine” Initiative

The government of Ukraine allocated free 125.000 metric tons of grain to Sudan, Yemen, Kenya and Nigeria

Yesterday in Ukraine was the Day of honouring the memory of Ukrainians who died from the Holodomor. The state with the richest lands and crops not for the first time suffered from Russian violence, and now it is again fighting for its freedom. Now we can again be the breadbasket of the world.

The government of Ukraine has launched a humanitarian initiative Grain from Ukraine, whose goal is to feed 5 million people by May next year.

Ukraine's Ministry of internal affairs received about $3 million from the budget reserve fund to purchase corn and wheat. Free aid will be sent to Sudan, Yemen, Kenya and Nigeria.

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine received an order to coordinate with the UN, and the recipient states the issues of logistics and transfer on CIF terms.

Earlier, a vessel with humanitarian cargo Nord Vind had already left for Ethiopia.

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