Great Britain Is Preparing for the Heating Season in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, October 20, 2023
Great Britain Is Preparing for the Heating Season in Ukraine

The European Political Community joins forces to end the Russian blockade and ensure humanitarian stability in Ukraine this winter

On October 5, a meeting of the European Political Community took place in Granada, Spain. Participating countries discussed methods of combating criminal gangs illegally crossing Europe's borders, uncontrolled migration, protecting grain corridors in the Black sea from Russian shelling, and pooling forces and intelligence to support Ukraine and peace in Europe.

The press service of the UK government reports that intelligence evidence shows that Russia may use underwater mines to attack civilian vessels exporting food from Ukraine. The volume of Ukrainian grain that Russia destroyed would have been enough to feed the whole world for a year. To protect grain routes in the Black sea and Ukraine as a whole, it is planned to transfer air defence systems and shells (including long-range ones). The states intend to accumulate forces to end the Russian blockade, as well as help Ukrainians survive this fall and winter since Russia is expected to repeat attacks on Ukrainian energy grids. Rishi Sunak said Britain will not leave Ukraine in the dark and cold.

"£34 million for the UN and charities providing shelter and warm winter clothing and £10 million for household electricity, following Russian attacks on Ukraine's critical energy infrastructure. The UK's fourth loan guarantee of $500 million has been disbursed via the World Bank to ensure the government of Ukraine can provide life-saving winter support payments to three million households," press service of the UK government.

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