Greece to Supply Ukraine with Ammunition Through Czech Republic Initiative

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, April 2, 2024
Greece to Supply Ukraine with Ammunition Through Czech Republic Initiative

Greece is set to provide Ukraine with a substantial batch of ammunition as part of its support against the ongoing conflict

This aid will be channeled through the Czech Republic, as reported by iEidiseis. The decision is currently pending approval from the relevant Greek parliamentary committee.

The ammunition, sourced from the stocks of the Greek army and deemed "fit for use," is intended for sale at 150 million euros. It's noteworthy that some of the munitions included in this batch were previously utilized in military exercises, highlighting the practical and operational value of the support being extended to Ukraine.

Background on the Czech Republic's Initiative

The initiative for sourcing ammunition for Ukraine gained significant momentum when Czech President Petr Pavel announced at the Munich Security Conference on February 17 that the Czech Republic had identified potential sources for 500,000 155 mm and 300,000 122 mm rounds. These could be delivered within weeks, provided the necessary funding was secured.

Following this announcement, Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavskyi elaborated that the initiative could potentially facilitate the supply of up to 1.5 million shells to Ukraine, showcasing a substantial commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense capabilities.

The process for organizing the supply of projectiles to Ukraine under the Czech initiative is already underway, although specific timelines for the delivery have yet to be disclosed.

This collaboration between Greece, the Czech Republic, and other supporting nations underscores a collective European effort to assist Ukraine amidst its challenges, focusing on bolstering its military resilience through the provision of essential ammunition.

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