History of One Autoconcern: From the Manufacture of Cars to Buses

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 27, 2022
History of One Autoconcern: From the Manufacture of Cars to Buses

The Ukrainian car plant has already produced three passenger bus models

The Zaporizhzhia automobile factory, located in the central part of Ukraine, is now practically the only invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/starting-business-in-ukraine/build-an-enterprise/" rel="dofollow">enterprise with a long history. They are still actively producing cars from a simple steel sheet for the roads. The company has donated many legendary cars to the country. Also, they formed a subsidiary of Zaz-Daewoo. The new Ukrainian company and cars became as close as possible to the kind of foreign cars and served popular both in the country and abroad.

Nevertheless, it was time to move on and explore new directions. Therefore, the automobile factory switched to the construction of buses. The Ukrainian manufacturer developed its constructions for several passenger bus models. 

The car factory has mastered the production of small class A08 buses in three creations, the A09 bus on the Mercedes chassis and the A10 bus with a load-bearing body. Today, a large low-floor bus, A18, is under active development. The A08 bus is the main model implemented by the firm. The bus is considered a commuter bus with a capacity of more than 30 seats. The car is produced in three modifications: city, suburb, and school.

The other two models are not large enough but can move around the city to transport passengers.

Now Ukraine can provide for itself and even its nearest neighbors, like Poland, with its buses. More than 50 school buses travel in Ukraine alone.

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