How to Create a Construction Business in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 17, 2021
How to Create a Construction Business in Ukraine

As you know, construction is a profitable investment of your money. The most promising direction in the construction industry is the construction of buildings and structures

To start your own construction business, you need to follow these tips. Think about and make a business plan before investing, especially if it is a loan. Then you need to register as a legal entity or sole proprietor. For the construction industry, the best solution would be to register as a limited liability company with a common tax system. The expediency of this decision is seen in the fact that for most of your partners will be important to refund VAT(Value added tax).  

Of course, the work requires an office and storage space, they can be purchased or rented under a lease agreement.  Many areas in the construction industry require the firm to be a member of a self-regulatory organization. It is impossible to take part in the competition without this membership. In addition, permits are required to engage in construction, namely SRO(self-regulatory organization) approval.

Orders can be obtained in three ways, state, tenders,  personal clients, independent construction, and further resale. Construction can not do without construction equipment and tools. As for construction tools, you still need to buy them, but the equipment can be leased or rented

What is important is the staff. This may include, in addition to the builders themselves, architects, designers, foremen, human resources inspectors and supply managers, and so on. This list can be continued because it is not exhaustive and it all depends on the scale of construction.

Advertise your construction company in the media and on the electronic resource. Next, you need to set up your organization's website. This site will serve as your business card, therefore, it should contain information about the peculiarities of your activities, and of course, do not forget about the design of the site. Naturally, create a reviews section. In this section, post reviews of your customers, if any.

Monitor the growth rate of demand for construction sites in your area. It is likely that you will be able to offer your work to the administration or the entrepreneur if they have the need to build new buildings and structures.

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