Hundreds of Billions of Euros for the Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, June 2, 2022
Hundreds of Billions of Euros for the Post-War Reconstruction of Ukraine

The role of foreign investors in the construction of the country's new infrastructure

On June 1, EU ambassador to Ukraine Matti Maasikas spoke about the necessary investments in Ukraine, international cooperation for the reconstruction of cities, as well as about ways to distribute forces.

"I know that the Ukrainian government is working hard on a recovery plan, with a national recovery council. Needs are likely to be in the hundreds of billions of euros or dollars. Discussions from your international partners have just begun: how to raise these funds, and how to manage them in cooperation with Ukraine. Of course, there must be strong participation from Ukraine. No one wants or can decide better than you what exactly this money will be needed for," Matti Maasikas.

The head of the representative office also commented on Zelenskyy's initiative to attract foreign investors to patronize the restoration of cities or infrastructure facilities.

"Another political idea that is warmly welcomed is President Zelensky’s partnership idea, whereby a government or a municipality or even a large company from international partners can contribute to a Ukrainian fund with the specific goal of reconstructing a particular municipality or city. It would give a much greater attitude and help donors to understand, to feel it directly," Matti Maasikas.

We remind you that Italy, Italy and the UK have already announced their participation in the patronage of cities, regions and individual cultural sites of Ukraine.

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