“i3 Engineering” Developer of Home Automation Devices — Young Ukrainian Startup

Friday, July 30, 2021
“i3 Engineering” Developer of Home Automation Devices —  Young Ukrainian Startup

Startup "i3 Engineering" develops a solution for simple home automation, which consists of software and hardware

Founders and startup team

The founder of the startup is Pavlo Tsyupka. Currently, the team consists of 22 cool people with interesting stories. For example, the developer of the cases of our controllers used to make tables.

We are constantly looking for new people. The main requirement is to have ideas and skills to strengthen the current team.

What is a startup about

We have developed a device for home automation, which will become the standard of comfort of residential buildings - a comprehensive technology of a smart home, thanks to which even an incandescent light bulb for $0,45 can become smart.

We grew from the idea to the manufacturing/" rel="dofollow">manufacture of hardware, which integrated cloud services and a mobile management application.

What is the monetization model?

Sale of equipment and subscription to a set of services.

How much time did it take for the MVP? What were the mistakes?

The MVP was created in a year. We made dozens of mistakes because we lacked catastrophic experience.

For example, we started to develop a mobile application late, which in turn delayed entering the market for almost a year. However, we believe that the mistakes made polished the product better than anything else.

How did the idea to create a startup come about?
In my free time, I was building a house near Lviv. At one point I realized that this house lacks the comfort of modern technology, and the available solutions were either too complex or did not meet all requirements. Then I thought, "Dude, do it yourself!". And you know - he did!

Who are your competitors, how are you different?
We have simple and at the same time very significant advantages. To set up complex interactions between devices in the house, engineering knowledge is always needed. We have created a stable and easy-to-set-up ecosystem. Our wizards will help to configure the system to suit the needs of people of any age, with any knowledge. That is, you do not even have to understand all the words in the previous sentence to set up the system.

The disadvantage of competing systems is that there is a possibility of failure of the main device, which makes the entire network of devices inoperable. We managed to implement a multi-master system - that is, we do not have the main device, so the system is as reliable as possible.

We use a modular hardware system - this means that we can combine the interaction of different end devices at minimal cost, increasing the stability of the entire network.

How do you assess the market for your product?
The market has been waiting for such technologies for a good decade. Few will give up home Jarvis, as in Tony Stark. And we created it.

How much money/time is invested?
We have a plan to scale our business to the international arena. That's why we're looking for investments ranging from $500,000 to $1 million. We plan to become a unicorn startup because our product and such a cool team can conquer the world.

What has been achieved?
We have developed 15 products with different functionality, reached agreements with contract manufacturers for mass production of our device. We have a list of 150 preheated integrators waiting for our products to work on the installation.

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