IAEA to Conduct Large-Scale Inspection in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 30, 2022
IAEA to Conduct Large-Scale Inspection in Ukraine

Nothing to hide: Kyiv asked the organization to carry out verification at nuclear facilities after Russia’s declarations about a "dirty bomb"

The Kremlin once again "seized" nuclear weapons. Last week, Russian foreign minister Lavrov held several phone calls with foreign politicians, accusing Ukraine of developing nuclear weapons. On October 26, the Russian foreign Ministry reported that Ukraine allegedly completed technical preparations for provocation with a "dirty bomb" to accuse Russia. Kyiv denies the existence of such plans and even more implemented actions, so the Government proposed that the IAEA commission check all the necessary documentation and facilities for the verdict.

On 27 October, it was announced that the International Atomic Energy Agency would conduct an independent inspection of 2 nuclear facilities in Ukraine. They are under IAEA safeguards and are regularly visited by inspectors. However, the head of the organization, Grossi, stated that everything would be rechecked urgently. The commission plans to ascertain whether any nuclear elements have been diverted to unforeseen locations.

"Aware of the interest and urgency of this issue, the agency will also present our findings to the IAEA board of governors and immediately to the public," said Rafael Grossi.

Recall that earlier, all those who spoke with Lavrov about the "dirty bomb" refused to believe in his provocation.

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