In Chernihiv Region Started Large-Scale Recovery

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, August 5, 2023
In Chernihiv Region Started Large-Scale Recovery

State agency for restoration and infrastructure development of Ukraine began rebuilding the overpass Kyiv and Sumy

From February to March 2022, Russian troops tried to occupy the Chernihiv region on the border with Russia and Belarus. During the month, the invaders destroyed 27 bridges. Transport interchanges are essential for Ukrainian people in terms of evacuation and the military to protect the border. Therefore, after the de-occupation of the region, the Ukrainian authorities began to restore transport routes.

The State agency for the restoration and infrastructure development of Ukraine is already working on the restoration of 6 road facilities. 4 objects have already been fully restored. Now the agency is starting a large-scale reconstruction in the Chernihiv region – the restoration of a bridge over the railway track near the city of Nizhyn.

The overpass connects the region with the capital. The object will be restored from fragments of the destroyed road. In addition, Ukraine will restore the bridge to 2 lanes, considering transport loads following the realities of the country's life. The restoration of this road will provide a logistical link in the country: the capital and neighbouring regions. Improving transport links for Ukraine is as important for the civilian population as the restoration of electricity, water supply and humanitarian needs.

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