Increasing Subsidies For Ukrainians in 202

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, November 26, 2021
Increasing Subsidies For Ukrainians in 202

The government of Ukraine plans to increase spending on housing subsidies in the spring of 2022. In this regard, utility tariffs are expected to increase

According to the IMF Memorandum, budget allocations for utility subsidy programs for 2022 are sufficient for the same number of participants in subsidy programs this year, provided that tariffs remain unchanged.

After the revision of tariffs in the spring, the state will ensure that the revised budget identifies the necessary resources for this program’s timely and complete provision.

Earlier, the prime minister said that currently, the use of the budget is 104%, of which the government will propose to the council to allocate $444 million in subsidies. The ministry of social policy also assures that citizens who have debts and cannot pay for services provided without state assistance will be able to enter into a restructuring agreement and apply to the social security body for a housing subsidy.

Currently, all housing subsidies for August this year were funded on September 1 to make payments to recipients through banking institutions and the post office. Almost $37 billion has been allocated for these expenditures. The government's responsibilities for timely financing of accrued housing subsidies will be fulfilled promptly and in full.

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