What Blinken Will Talk About Ukraine in Brussels

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 9, 2022
What Blinken Will Talk About Ukraine in Brussels

After a visit to Kyiv, the US secretary of state went to Brussels and plans to raise Ukrainian topics

US secretary of state Anthony Blinken received a lot of information and food for thought during his 2 days in Ukraine. With this information, the secretary goes to Brussels. What topics will the secretary raise: Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, support for Ukraine, grain agreements, humanitarian damage and the consequences of Russia's war against Ukraine.

"I will have the opportunity in Brussels to inform NATO allies and other partners about what I have learned in Ukraine, as well as work with them on several issues of concern to all – from the situation in Zaporizhzhia and around, where Russia, as part of its aggression, seized a nuclear facility and this is a real concern for many of us," Anthony Blinken.

The secretary of state specifically noted the horrendous damage that the Russians inflicted on the citizens of Ukraine and civilian infrastructure. Blinken saw firsthand the aftermath of the Russian war by visiting war-crippled Okhmadet hospital and the war-torn town of Irpin.

"And I think I will have the opportunity to share a little what I saw yesterday – in the context of the human casualties of Russian aggression – visiting children in the children's hospital who were victims of this aggression and being in Irpin, which suffered from Russian aggression," secretary Blinken.

"We met with some of the youngest victims of Russian aggression – this is a very vivid reminder of what happened," the politician continued.

Blinken said that Russia's actions against Ukraine's civilian sector " were indiscriminate attacks on civilian buildings, and at worst they were deliberate, deliberate, aimed at terrorizing the population."

We remind you that Ukraine is developing a base that will oblige Russia to pay $300 billion in reparations.

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