Investment in 5 Billion UAH ($176.3 Mln)

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Investment in 5 Billion UAH ($176.3 Mln)

5 billion UAH ($176.3 mln) is planned to be invested in the new «Nova poshta»

In 2022, Nova poshta, a private office service, will invest even more in business development than last year. Money will be used to expand the terminal infrastructure, a network of branches, and post offices and develop innovative solutions and support products. 

Nova poshta has allocated 1.2 billion ($42.3 mln) to construct a new terminal in Odesa. There is already a foundation, a mounted frame, lined facades, and the roof of the post office terminal. The frame of the building is being mounted at the cargo terminal. It is planned that this terminal will become the second largest sorter facility of the company and provide more than 700 new jobs. The construction of this terminal is currently underway.

It is planned that the terminal will start operating in November this year and will be able to process up to 40.000 parcels per hour, which is three times the speed of the existing terminal. It will sort parcels for Odesa and 65 settlements of the Odesa region.

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