“Orcs” Cannot Hide in a Forest or a City

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, September 5, 2022
“Orcs” Cannot Hide in a Forest or a City

British instructors teach Ukrainian fighters to destroy the enemy in the city

Britain has initiated a large-scale military camp for the armed forces of Ukraine. New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Finland have joined the initiative. More than 4.700 Ukrainians have already been trained within the framework of the training program.

At present, representatives of the armed forces of Ukraine are studying to fight in the city. Fields and forests require one type of preparation, and the war in the city needs a different kind of practice. That is why Britain trains soldiers to possess weapons systems and methods for removing and destroying tanks from a distance in urban areas. The main goal of the training is to teach the Ukrainian army to destroy the enemy and remain unmarked.

Such training will give new volunteer recruits with little or no military experience the to conduct combat operations in advance effectively. The general staff of Ukraine reported this.

Also, on September 5, it was announced that the British program would be expanded. The training program and those willing to participate have developed rapidly, so increasing the training time to 5 weeks is now necessary.

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