Irpin on the Anniversary of the Liberation From the Invaders 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Irpin on the Anniversary of the Liberation From the Invaders 

Business recovers in the cities and towns, the most affected by the Russian military

On March 28, the Ukrainian army liberated Irpin, Kyiv region. One of the first victories of the Ukrainian army brought joy but also grief. In the field, it turned out that in 33 days, the armed forces of the Russian Federation killed about 300 people, and almost all the town's buildings were razed to the ground.

However, the Ukrainian "rear" zone is as strong as the defenders in front. Therefore, people began to clean and restore the town themselves. A year after liberation, entrepreneurs from Irpin are not afraid of a second offensive (the town is 330 km from the border with Belarus) and open the businesses that have been destroyed last year.

For example, on this important day for the residents of the town, open restaurant Mushlya. The establishment is part of a restaurant chain that serves fish and seafood. Mushlya did not work for 1 year and 1 month due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The restaurant building was damaged during the occupation, as were many other buildings. However, after a long pause and difficult recovery, the staff of this place is ready to meet guests on their doorstep.

In addition, pharmacies, travel agencies, bakeries, etc., have been reopened in Irpin. Ecosoft plant, producing water purification systems, completely rehabilitates production facilities. The company received the support of Austrian investors and, a year after de-occupation, works as before the war.

There are many such examples. Irpin has become an example of how business from the first days can return to the ruined town.

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