Israeli Business Enters Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Israeli Business Enters Ukraine

"GreenMix" wants to invest in an environmental waste recycling plant

The head of the Kyiv regional military administration, Oleksii Kuleba, met with representatives of an Israeli company specializing in recycling. As a result of the meeting, it became known that the Israeli GreenMix will contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine after the hostilities. The foreign investor is ready to help the Ukrainian authorities to remove the rubble of houses left after the raid of the Russian armed forces in the Kyiv region. Representatives of the two sides also discussed implementing the environmental project in the country.

It is about building a plant for the ecological processing of construction waste. GreenMix has offered its expertise and a range of technologies that can effectively address the issue of dismantling damaged high-rise buildings. Representatives of the Kyiv authorities approved the investors' proposal. It is noted that the Russian occupiers destroyed many private and multi-story houses. For example, only Buchanska territorial county has more than 2 million tons of debris due to destruction.

"I personally and the scale of destruction strikes the team that came with me to Ukraine due to the aggression of this terrible war of Russia against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We are already working with our Ukrainian colleagues on a road map for the implementation of the project and the delivery of all the necessary equipment for our funds, and consider, as a first step, the organization of this work for the Kyiv region," said GreenMix founder Zvika David.

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