Kakhovka Crisis Still Continues 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 19, 2023
Kakhovka Crisis Still Continues 

Even though the water level is falling, Ukrainians are drowning and missing

14 days after the explosion of the Kherson dam. The Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine reports that the water is receding. Every day, the State Emergency Service pumps out an average of 24.000 m³ of water. In the Ukrainian-controlled territory of the Kherson region, 39 settlements and 818 private houses are still flooded.

18 people died: 14 drowned, 4 were killed by the invaders during the evacuation work. 31 people are missing. 3.773 people and 284 domestic animals were evacuated. Almost all livestock and wild animals drowned.

Hundreds of people are drowning in the temporarily uncontrolled territory of the Kherson region because the Russians do not allow them to evacuate. There are cases when the Russians allowed the Ukrainians to evacuate from the occupied settlements if they had a Russian passport. However, these people were taken away in an unknown direction and no one saw them again.

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