Kazakhstan and Georgia Will Be the Following Victims of Putin

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Kazakhstan and Georgia Will Be the Following Victims of Putin

The countries expect Putin will declare war on them after Ukraine

Die Welt published a large article concerning the Russian Federation's ambitions. The article mentions Georgia and Kazakhstan. These 2 countries assume that success in Ukraine can free Putin's hands. After all, the political elite in the RF has already hinted at the expansion of the scope of aggression and plans for the "recovery" of the USSR. According to the deputy chairman of Russia's security council, Dmitriy Medvedev, Kazakhstan and Georgia should be afraid of Russia.

With such warnings from the aggressor, Kazakhstan is already strengthening its defensive capacity. Nur Sultan is also changing relations with Russia in oil pipelines and establishing ties with the USA, Turkey, and China.

Georgia and Kazakhstan have many reasons for fear. Recently, the main Russian propagandist and TV presenter Volodymyr Soloviev said that Putin's message "we haven't even started" is addressed only to Ukraine. Medvedev made an even louder statement, saying that Kazakhstan is an artificial state. He also hinted that the Russian Federation could "remove" the government there.

The historian Karl Schlegel notes that it is necessary to take the statements of recognizable Russian figures seriously. Because Putin has repeatedly stated that the collapse of the Soviet Union is a tragedy and that Russia must restore historical boundaries.

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