Kyiv and London Initiate Talks on a Century-Long Partnership Agreement

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, May 3, 2024
Kyiv and London Initiate Talks on a Century-Long Partnership Agreement

During his recent visit to Kyiv, British Foreign Minister David Cameron initiated discussions on a groundbreaking 100-year partnership agreement with Ukraine

This extensive agreement aims to solidify ties between the two nations across a broad spectrum, encompassing trade, security, defense, science, technology, education, and culture.

The British Embassy in Ukraine highlighted that this new agreement is designed to strengthen the relationship between the countries in various sectors. In addition to the partnership talks, Cameron confirmed the UK's commitment to assisting Ukraine in rebuilding its energy infrastructure, with a provision of 36 million pounds. This includes 20 million pounds for emergency infrastructure repairs following recent Russian attacks and 16 million pounds awarded to innovative projects through the Innovate Ukraine competition.

Cameron's visit to Ukraine, his second since his appointment, also included discussions on military support, where he reassured that Ukrainian forces could use British-supplied weapons for operations within Russian territory. Despite admitting that the UK has depleted its own arsenal suitable for transfer, he affirmed a continued annual military aid commitment of three billion pounds to Ukraine for as long as necessary.

Following his engagements in Kyiv, Cameron's visit extended to Lviv, where he participated in a ceremonial tree planting, symbolizing growth and partnership.

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