Kyiv Wants to Purchase Electric Buses for $12 Mln

Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Kyiv Wants to Purchase Electric Buses for $12 Mln

Municipal enterprise "Kyivpastrans" has announced a tender for electric buses at an expected cost of $12 mln (including VAT)

The deadline for submission of bids is October 15, and the auction itself is scheduled for November 22.

The technical conditions stipulate that the transport must have a minimum of 30 seats and a total number of passengers of 72 or more. Obligatory conditions — vandal-proof seats, video cameras and air conditioning without climate control. How to ventilate the cabin — through hatches and vents. The floor of the vehicle must be low.

It is planned that the new electric transport will have an electronic information board and sound announcement of stops.

The maximum speed of such buses is up to 75 km/h. Battery capacity — up to 280 kW.

The enterprise is also planning to purchase 13 charging stations: four accelerated types with the capacity of 160 kW and nine-long cycles with the capacity of 60 kW.

The warranty for the electric buses is 24 months without a mileage limit. In this case, the seller must provide the establishment of the seller's representative office in Kyiv for the warranty service of goods.

The terms of the contract presuppose advance payment in the amount of 50% of the sum, the second half will be received by the supplier within 5 banking days after delivery.

Kyivpastrans is a municipal company that operates public transport in Kyiv, Ukraine. Its operations include electric streetcars, city buses and trolleybuses.

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