Latvia Will Not Accept Ru Military Evaders

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Latvia Will Not Accept Ru Military Evaders

The MIA of the country has a plan in case of migration of Russians who evade mobilization

The minister of foreign affairs of Latvia Maris Kucinskis said that the state has a map of actions in case of another migration of Russians against the background of Kremlin mobilization. People who support the Putin regime do not have the right to flee to a peaceful country and promote their interests there. The problem with Russians who regularly try to illegally cross the border of Latvia is complicated by the neighbourhood with Belarus. It is known that this state has already created an artificial migration crisis and continues to develop in this direction.

"On the Belarusian border, there is a very rare morning when there is a zero in the column of the report on attempts to cross the border illegally. Apparently, this will be the case as long as the Lukashenko regime remains in power. Moreover, it cannot be said that Russia is not involved in this. Now we see that people trying to cross the border fly to Minsk from Moscow, and then they are taken further to the border," Maris Kucinskis.

Latvia is building a strong policy of distancing itself from Russian aggression and is monitoring the observance of democratic principles on its territory.

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