Launching of “Abrams” Service Hub in Poland

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Launching of “Abrams” Service Hub in Poland

"Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa" and "General Dynamics Land Systems" signed an agreement on cooperation

On June 26, the Polish military concern Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa announced the signing of an agreement with the American battle tank manufacturer General Dynamics Land Systems. Under the terms of the fixed agreements, a repair and restoration centre for Abrams tanks will open in the Polish Poznan city.

"As a reliable partner of the army, we have a responsibility to support the units in maintaining the effectiveness of each type of equipment that is used by the Polish army or is starting to be used," PGZ CEO Sebastian Chwaleka.

This move clearly demonstrates the trust between the 2 NATO members Poland and the United States, and the confidence of the US in the potential and competence of Poland.

Lockheed Martin is also ready to open its production in Ukraine or a country bordering Ukraine (most likely Poland).

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