Lithuania Commits €15 Million for Rehabilitation of Ukrainian Military

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
Lithuania Commits €15 Million for Rehabilitation of Ukrainian Military

Lithuania has pledged approximately 15 million euros to assist in the rehabilitation of Ukrainian military personnel, as reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

This financial aid is earmarked for the reconstruction of medical facilities and the training of healthcare specialists.

The announcement was detailed by the Prime Minister of Lithuania, Ingrid Šimonite, who stated, "Lithuania is starting a special rehabilitation program for wounded Ukrainian soldiers. We will promote the development of the relevant infrastructure and services of the three Baltic countries in Lviv, Dnipro, and Zhytomyr." This initiative underscores Lithuania's commitment to supporting Ukraine's recovery efforts, particularly in enhancing the healthcare services available to injured soldiers.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health expressed gratitude towards Lithuania and other international allies for their steadfast support in these challenging times.

In addition to healthcare support, Lithuania continues to provide substantial military assistance to Ukraine. On April 11, it was reported that Lithuania delivered another batch of military aid to Ukraine, which included anti-drone systems, generators, and folding beds. Earlier, on April 5, Lithuania had also transferred M577 armored personnel carriers to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Furthermore, Lithuania has plans to purchase about 3,000 locally produced FPV drones, which will be transferred to the Ukrainian military, signifying ongoing support in both healthcare and military domains.

This comprehensive support from Lithuania highlights the deepening cooperation and solidarity with Ukraine amid its ongoing conflict and recovery efforts.

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