The EU Has Launched the Process of Russia’s Exclusion From the UN

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
The EU Has Launched the Process of Russia’s Exclusion From the UN

On February 16, the European Parliament adopted an amendment on the isolation of Russia, including the expulsion of the aggressor country from the UN Security Council

During the plenary session of the European Parliament, Lithuanian MEP Petras Austrevicius proposed the adoption of an amendment to the resolution lobbying for the international isolation of Russia and its exclusion from international organizations. Including the UN Security Council.

"I propose to supplement the resolution and include the following text in it: the European Parliament... calls on the EU and its member states to take further action to continue the international isolation of the Russian Federation, including Russian membership in international organizations such as the United Nations Security Council," Petras Austrevicius.

444 out of 508 deputies voted for approval, which means that the amendment will be included in the resolution of the European Parliament.

On February 24 will be 1 year since Russia has been killing Ukrainians at the front and in civilian homes. Rapes and kidnaps people. We hope that by the anniversary of the bloody terror, the country that killed the security of the whole world will leave the UN Security Council.

On the cover of the articles, you can see children who in March 2023 waited for an evacuation train.

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