Liz Truss Leaves

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 20, 2022
Liz Truss Leaves

On 20 October, the British prime minister issued a formal resignation

Liz Truss became the record holder for the shortest time as UK prime minister. She was in the office for 45 days. Before that, George Canning was a politician with the most short term in office, 119 days before his death in 1827. Truss has already announced her decision to Charles III and the public. In a public statement, she said that the election of the new chairman of the council of ministers would probably occur next week.

The reason for the resignation was the harsh criticism of Truss' policies. It introduced new tax initiatives, changed the minister of finance, and did not confirm the announced budget plans. Because of this, her popularity and that of the conservatives fell to a record low in Britain's sociological research history. At Downing Street, she stated that she was unable to carry out her duties. Liz Truss attributed this to the tremendous economic and international instability, particularly due to Russia's war against Ukraine.

The change of prime minister will have to be operational. Britain has suffered many losses and changes in recent months. According to a British international internet market research company YouGov survey, former UK prime minister Boris Johnson is the favourite candidate for the post, which he handed over to Liz Trass 5 weeks ago.

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