Losses for Ukraine: 84 Defenders Returned Dead

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
Losses for Ukraine: 84 Defenders Returned Dead

On August 29, the bodies of dead soldiers were returned from the occupied territories in Ukraine 

Oleh Kotenko, the commissioner for missing persons under special circumstances, said that almost 100 more defenders of the country will be buried with dignity. International organisations, security agencies and Ukrainian departments were involved to promote the return of Ukrainian soldiers to their homes. The repatriation of bodies took place in accordance with the Geneva Convention, to which Ukraine was bound in all its aspects. Now, the Ukrainian specialists will carry out the identification of the bodies. After that, 84 Ukrainian families will receive unpleasant news. But they will be able to bury their heroes in their homeland.  

August 29 in Ukraine officially honours the memory of the defenders. On this day, the country remembers all the dead who fought for the independence and freedom of Ukraine. But everyone remembers the price of getting Ukrainian people a new day, so every day at 9 a. m., there is a minute of silence.

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