Meeting of the President of Ukraine and the PM of Ireland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 7, 2022
Meeting of the President of Ukraine and the PM of Ireland

For the first time in almost 31 years of Ukraine's independence, a high representative of Ireland arrived in Kyiv

On July 6, Micheál Martin, the prime minister of Ireland, arrived in Kyiv. Despite the fact that the visit took place at the most difficult time for Ukraine, relations between our states, according to the president, are warm and substantive. We remind you that with the outbreak of the war, Ireland urgently canceled visas for Ukrainians, and today it received about 35.700 refugees.

"Ukraine is grateful to Ireland for its sincere support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity of our state, for supporting our European aspirations, as well as our people who were forced to seek refuge abroad from hostilities on Ukrainian soil," Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

During the talks, the heads discussed food security, the 7th package of sanctions to counter Russian aggression and tools to respond to military challenges. Zelenskyy briefed Micheál Martin on the situation at the front, particularly the hard south and east of Ukraine, as well as on the humanitarian needs of Ukraine.

The states decided to work in tandem for the speedy accession of Ukraine to the EU. Micheál Martin welcomed the work of the government of Ukraine in the conditions of Euro-development and war and expressed readiness to assist and share experience on Ukraine's path to European integration.

Separately, Zelensky and Martin discussed the issue of the post-war restoration of Ukraine and the revival of regions destroyed by Russian occupation and already liberated. Micheál Martin said that his state will continue to assist Ukrainians so that each can return home and school in Ukraine as soon as possible.

"And we discussed in detail the issue that before talking about such a powerful economic project as the restoration of the state after the war, we need to focus today on the Fast recovery plan, on those details that can help our people return home so that children can go to schools, universities so that people have premises for living in Ukraine and have somewhere to return. Therefore, such quick decisions, quick assistance, and such prompt mobilization of our partners are what we really need," Zelenskyy.

MicheálMartin, on behalf of his people, expressed solidarity with the Ukrainians and added that Ireland will continue to take care of them as long as there is such a need.

"The Russian brutal war against this wonderful democratic country is a great violation of international law. This is a violation of everything that Ireland stands for, and we will not put up with it," Micheál Martin.

Before meeting with the president, the prime minister visited Borodianka, Irpin and Bucha, where he personally saw the horror of the de-occupied city, burned houses, and mass graves with murdered Ukrainians. We remind you that Ireland has recognized Russia's actions against Ukrainians as genocide. This is the second Russian genocide against Ukraine after the famine of 1931-33: 4.000.000 Ukrainians died of starvation.

"The use of terror against civilians is a war crime. And those who are responsible for these actions, who gave these instructions, will certainly be held accountable. That is why we have provided additional funding for the International Court of Justice to ensure further work on these crimes," Micheál Martin.

The prime minister voiced his conviction for the further fruitful growth of relations between states and added that "the world is amazed at the power and resilience of our country in the struggle for independence."

Glory to Ukraine!

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