Military Assistance of Bulgaria to Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 22, 2023
Military Assistance of Bulgaria to Ukraine

Weapons and ammunition in the amount equal to previous deliveries

On June 21, the Bulgarian government announced the provision of military equipment, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. These units are 30-40 years old, but they are in good combat condition and will definitely be useful in the Ukrainian counter offensive. This was announced by the minister of defence of Bulgaria, Todor Tagarev.

In March of this year, Bulgaria did not join the agreement of the EU countries on providing Ukraine with 1.000.000 shells: president Rumen Radev expressed the opinion that it would be a mistake for the state to participate in general purchases. However, his voice does not find support in the government apparatus. On the contrary, prime minister Nikolai Denkov and minister Tagarev came out with the opposite message: the country needs to participate in this contract.

"It's about investment, European, in expanding capacity and modernising our defence industry before we miss the opportunity," Todor Tagarev.

In December 2022, Ukraine and Bulgaria entered into an agreement on the supply of weapons, ammunition, etc. The contents of the package were deliberately not disclosed, however, according to some available data, over the past almost 2 years, Ukraine has received military support from Bulgaria in the amount of at least $1 billion.

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