Military Support From Czechia for Kč422 Mln 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 21, 2022
Military Support From Czechia for Kč422 Mln 

The Ministry of defense of the Czech Republic announced the transfer of 2 batches of weapons to Ukraine

On October 19, the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic briefly informed the general public about the transfer to Ukraine of another package of military equipment to help Ukraine.

"We keep our word and continue to support Ukraine with military supplies. At the meeting of the government, I continue to send for approval the donations of unnecessary military equipment that we can provide. Two weeks ago for almost 400 and today for 22 million CZK. Sorry, I can't be specific. Glory to Ukraine," Jana Černochová, the minister of defence of the Czech Republic.

Currently, Ukraine has 5 main directions of development: victory in the war, assistance to citizens affected by the war, restoration of the country, accession to the European Union, and accession to NATO. The Czech Republic advocates for Ukraine in each of these directions. It is known that Czechia currently presides over the European Union. And, as Petr Fiala said, Ukraine's accession to the EU is one of the priorities of Czechia during its term as president.

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