Monday — “Groundhog Day” for Ukrainians 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 31, 2022
Monday — “Groundhog Day” for Ukrainians 

On October 31, Russia again delivered massive missile strikes on Ukraine's critical and energy system

Almost by tradition, the Russian occupiers started firing missiles on the first working day after the weekend for Ukrainians Monday. 

Kyiv region. Air defence partially eliminated the attack (44 missiles), but some enemy missiles reached the target — critical infrastructure. In some areas of the region, electricity and water supply were lost. The damaged energy facility, which supplies energy to about 350.000 apartments. Also, police have reported serious damage and casualties among the civilian population at the impact site. 

Kharkiv region. The occupiers again directed missiles at the regional centre. As a result of 2 attacks, the occupiers took light from civilians in several areas. It is reported that in the city completely stopped metro and ground electric transport.

Dnipro region. The sirens sounded the explosions. According to preliminary information, the air defence system works in the region. 2 missiles hit Pavlograd town later and an electric station in Dnipro.

Zaporizhzhia region. Russia continues to terrorize Zaporizhzhia. Due to the occupation of part of the region, it is almost impossible to intercept the missiles in time. At least 2 hits were recorded in critical infrastructure. Residents report poor mobile and internet connectivity, partial blackouts and electricity.

Zhytomyr region. Air defence protected civilians from all missiles. 

Kropivnitskyy region. The missile hit the town of Svetlovodsk (which translates "clear waters"). The power facility was destroyed, and a fire started on the missile site. The head of the region reports that, according to preliminary information, no one was injured.

Lviv region. The Ukrainian military shot down 3 Russian missiles.

Cherkasy region. Part of the region is disconnected.

Chernivtsi region. "The safest" region again suffered from a missile attack. The Russians damaged the critical infrastructure.

In the Khmelnytskyy region, a missile was shot down. But its fragments destroyed a civilian object.

"To Moscow". The head of the regional military administration of the Mykolaiv region Vitalyy Kim said that 1 of the missiles in flight changed the trajectory of movement and flew to the launch site.

According to preliminary information, the Kremlin decided to spend more than 40 missiles in 1 morning. The office of the president of Ukraine already told about power outages throughout Ukraine — an energy alarm has been declared. Recall that the Ukrainian experts have just completed the repair of power plants and other power facilities after the previous missile strikes of Russia. The Ukrainians lived for 2 days without an emergency power outage.

Trains in Ukraine will move with delays of at least 30 minutes. Restrictions are already applied on the routes Kyiv-Dnipro, Kyiv-Kramatorsk, Kyiv-Uzhgorod.

Russian occupiers under Putin and Shoihu staged Halloween for Ukrainians. Every resident of Ukraine dreams that this injustice disappeared after 12 a. m. of night.

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