More Czech Gifts for Putin

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 10, 2023
More Czech Gifts for Putin

The Czech Republic announced the closure of fund-raising for 15 mobile air defence systems

The Czech initiative Gifts for Putin will again help Ukrainian soldiers. After activists raised the necessary funds to transfer T-72 tanks to Ukraine, a new collection was opened. This time, the "gift" for Putin's army will be 15 cars with anti-aircraft defences Victor.

The Victor mobile complex is a Czech anti-aircraft system. It includes KPVT machine guns and daytime and night anti-aircraft sights, as well as a scope for direct targeting of ground targets. The Czech complex is modernized and has a robust design and high target accuracy. The range of work Victor is more than 2 km.

As part of the Gift to Putin initiative, it was announced that all 15 mobile units would be sent to Ukraine in a few weeks. The complexes cost $402.000 – this amount was raised by crowdfunding.

"The production of 15 Victor twin anti-aircraft guns, to which you have contributed, is coming to an end! Machines and machine guns are ready. The compilation begins. By the end of the month, they will arrive in Ukraine," said representatives of the charity initiative on Twitter.

Such machines will help the Ukrainian military to shoot down missiles fired from the installations of the occupiers. Complexes easily move on any road and soil. This will allow the Ukrainian army to tie up enemy forces and improve defensive abilities for the security of citizens.

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