More Weapons For Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, April 23, 2022
More Weapons For Ukraine

And no, there are no weapons from Germany on this list, as expected

As of April 22-23, several countries announced the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

According to the Canadian Press, today, Ukraine received 155-mm M777 towed howitzers and howitzer ammunition from Canada. The same weapon is also expected from the US and France.

Emmanuel Macron stated in an interview with Ouest-France that his state will transfer Milan anti-tank missiles and Caesar artillery mounts to Ukraine.

The Belgian government will provide Ukraine with military assistance and expert assistance. Shortly, Kyiv will receive 5.000 FN Herstal assault rifles, 200 anti-tank installations, 3.800 tons of fuel, and personal protective equipment from Brussels. To date, the total assistance of Belgium to Ukraine is about €76 million. Also, the chairman of the Belgian Ministry of justice, Vincent van Quickenborne, on facilitating the investigation of Russian crimes in Ukraine. In the near future, we will be visited by a group of experts who already helped us when Russia shot down our MH-17.

“Our country must investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. In the past, the international community has successfully prosecuted monsters like Karadzic, Mladic and Milosevic. Even presidents like Charles Taylor in Liberia and Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan have not escaped sanctions, so let's tune in and track down, find and bring to justice the executioners of Bucha and the monsters of Mariupol," said the minister.

We remind you that from day to day, Ukraine will receive free military assistance from the United States.

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