NATO Secretary General Advocates for Increased Weapon Production for Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 15, 2024
NATO Secretary General Advocates for Increased Weapon Production for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg emphasized the critical need to supply Ukraine with essential weaponry, highlighting that aiding Ukraine represents an investment in global security

This statement was made ahead of a NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels scheduled for February 15.

Stoltenberg praised the EU's decision to allocate €50 billion to Ukraine and expressed anticipation for the U.S. Congress to approve a support package for Ukraine. He underlined that backing Ukraine goes beyond philanthropy; it's a strategic investment in collective security.

Addressing the ammunition scarcity faced by Ukraine, Stoltenberg pointed out the visible consequences of the U.S.'s indecision on a support package for Ukraine. He remains hopeful for a resolution, expecting the U.S. Congress to demonstrate continued support for Ukraine through decisive actions.

Stoltenberg warned against the potential victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating it would not only be detrimental to Ukraine but also pose a danger globally, making the world more perilous and leaving others more vulnerable. He stressed the importance of continuous support for Ukraine during his visit to the U.S., where he engaged with Congress members from both houses.

The NATO Secretary General noted that the upcoming meeting in Brussels would focus on reaffirming support for Ukraine and deliberating on measures to enhance the Alliance's defense capabilities. He will also lead a Ukraine-NATO Council meeting to discuss sustaining support for Ukraine.

Stoltenberg highlighted recent Ukrainian successes, such as a successful attack on a Russian warship, as evidence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' proficiency and capability to conduct deep strikes on Russian positions, underscoring the impact and importance of continued support from NATO allies.

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