NATO Will Help Ukraine to Win the War

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, July 1, 2022
NATO Will Help Ukraine to Win the War

The prime minister of Belgium said that Ukraine will win the war on the battlefield against Russian aggression

Alexander De Croo voiced the position of NATO and Belgium: NATO member states will continue to support Ukraine until its victory over a country that illegally violated the borders of another country and continues to commit war crimes.

"We had the opportunity to speak with president Zelenskyy. We made it clear that this war can only be won on the battlefield. We must continue to support president Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people as much as possible in order to win the battlefield against Russian aggression," Alexander De Cro.

We remind you that during the NATO summit, Russia carried out a terrorist attack against the civilian population of Ukraine: Kh-22 rockets were fired at a shopping center, where there were more than 1.000 people. People were burned alive. There are almost no survivors. Recognition of the remains is possible only through DNP tests since the bodies of Ukrainians have turned into charred fragments of flesh.

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