Netherlands Lights Ukrainians 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Netherlands Lights Ukrainians 

Electricity recovery equipment delivered to Ukraine

The Russian authorities continue to order the destruction of the Ukrainian power grid. But Ukraine will not wallow in darkness because of the barbarism of others. The first operations to restore the electricity supply will begin soon because Ukraine has received humanitarian aid from the Netherlands.

The press service of the ministry of energy of Ukraine reported that for 2 months, the Netherlands handed over almost 300 tons of components required for repair. In the last 2 weeks, Ukrainian specialists have received 12 shipments of aid. The Netherlands provided electricians with wires and rebars, transformers, and other necessary appliances.

"The equipment provided will help restore electricity to thousands of Ukrainians who daily suffer from barbaric Russian attacks on our power sector. Thanks to the Netherlands for this support," energy minister Herman Galushenko thanked Amsterdam.

During the four months of the war, Russia carried out 13 waves of massive missile attacks on Ukrainian power plants. The aggressor did not stop there – he also made 15 attacks with unmanned aerial vehicles.

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