New Form of Cooperation: “Ukraine Is Here”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 9, 2022
New Form of Cooperation: “Ukraine Is Here”

"Google" and the Ministry of culture of Ukraine opened a research office

Ukraine Is Here is a platform for studying Ukraine in the cultural context. It is no secret that in the Soviet Union, Ukrainian culture was systematically destroyed. Now that Russia has begun the overt destruction of Ukraine, it is time to study and restore the country's history, features, and art.

Therefore, the Ministry of a culture of Ukraine has started cooperation with Google. In collaboration created a virtual office, which helps to learn more about Ukrainian music, one of the most popular plants, and even visits online tours. For acquaintance with Ukraine created the application Google Arts & Culture. It is available for Android and iOS users. All interested persons can see the tours:

  • Perls of Kyiv with popular places of the capital;
  • House with the Chimeras where modern and historically important Kyiv estates are collected;
  • Protection of UNESCO in which the monuments of Ukraine are presented is included in the list of world heritage.

In addition, the platform has a folder with authentic stories, Ukrainian music, and video. Researchers in the country will also be able to participate in virtual projects. There is already a project that tells about the history of sunflowers. It turned out that Ukrainians have grown it since the 18th century, so it can be seen in both villages and cities. It is worth noting that sunflower seeds in Ukraine are widely used for processing and export.

The project has already managed to attract 10 domestic museums and companies that help in the further development of Ukraine Is Here.

Previously, the European Commission allocated €5 million for the development of projects that support and spread the culture of Ukraine.

You can also learn more about Ukraine through the "Ukraïnica" ed-portal. 

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