New Tranche for Ukraine From the EU

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 13, 2022
New Tranche for Ukraine From the EU

Ukraine plans to negotiate with the EU on the sixth loan program in the first half of 2022

Deputy prime minister for European Integration of Ukraine Olha Stefanyshyna hopes that the government of Ukraine will be able to persuade the European Union to provide the state with the sixth financial tranche in the first half of this year. In an exclusive interview, Stefanyshyna stressed that this program of assistance from the EU is one of the most stable, allowing you to plan and adequately allocate spending on the country's development and its infrastructure. She also noted that Ukraine has fully complied with all the conditions of the previous tranches and successfully received financial assistance from the European Union.

“We had no" rel="dofollow">idea if we needed the sixth program when we agreed on the fifth program, but so far, we can say for sure that we have established an understandable process of interaction with the EU. Therefore, we are ready for the sixth program. We hope that the next macro-financial assistance program will be concluded in the first half of 2022,” the deputy prime minister said.

In July 2020, an agreement on mutual understanding was signed on the implementation of the 5-th macro-financial support program in the amount of €1.2 million between Ukraine and the European Union.  

Ukraine received the first part of the tranche in December 2020, amounting to €600 million. The other part of the aid was issued to Ukraine in October 2021.

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