Ukraine Is Protected by 59.786 Military Women   

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 15, 2022
Ukraine Is Protected by 59.786 Military Women    

Officially, 101 Ukrainian women were killed on the front, 50 are missing, 100 were injured, 350 received state awards

According to the minister of defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov, 59.786 women serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As of today, 101 of them have died in the line of duty. 50 servicewomen are considered missing, 100 injured. Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine, 350 women have received state awards, 2 of them — the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously. Their names are Inna Dereusova and Kateryna Stupytska.

18.000 Ukrainian women are volunteers from the civilian population of the country, 41.000 are liable for military service, and another 5.000 are in hot spots (Luhansk, Donetsk).

1 of the dead defending Ukraine was a Russian citizen. Olha Simonova, with the call sign Simba, was from Chelyabinsk. At 34, she gave her life for the freedom of Ukraine.

Many Ukrainian women soldiers are in Russian captivity. They are mocked, subjected to hunger, moral and physical tortures. This is evidenced by Ukrainian women who managed to return from Russian captivity.

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