New Ukraine: $95 Mln From Japan 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, January 15, 2023
New Ukraine: $95 Mln From Japan 

Ukraine to receive assistance from the Japanese government to rebuild critical infrastructure 

The Ministry of community development, territories, and infrastructure of Ukraine was informed about the agreement with Japan. On January 12, the ambassador of Japan in Ukraine, Kuninori Matsuyu, assistant director and director of the regional bureau of the United Nations Development Program in Europe and CIS countries Ivan Zhivkovic met with Ukrainian vice prime minister for recovery Oleksandr Kubrakov. The result of the meeting was the signing of the agreement. The decision of the 2 sides will bring Ukraine new funds for the restoration. Under the treaty, the Japanese government will allocate $95 million to restore critical infrastructure destroyed during the war.

It is reported that funds will be received in Ukraine through the United Nations Development Program. So, we can predict what financial assistance from Japan will go on. First, the funds will go to consolidate the financial situation of Ukraine in the conditions of war. A financial tranche would help the Ukrainian government to respond to the crisis. Secondly, the development program's money will help restore infrastructure and homes destroyed by war. Third, assistance from Japan can support the work of the state services of Ukraine. The fourth and fifth areas covered by the United Nations Development Program relate to people's social security and business support.

At present, it is known that some of the funds will be directed to the urgent issue of the present – the restoration of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

We remind you that a Japanese architect will help to rebuild Irpin. 

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