New Zealand Announces $16 Million Aid Package for Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, February 22, 2024
New Zealand Announces $16 Million Aid Package for Ukraine

New Zealand has committed to a new aid package worth NZ$25.9 million (approximately US$16 million) aimed at providing military and humanitarian support to Ukraine

This announcement was made by New Zealand's Foreign Secretary Winston Peters and Defense Secretary Judith Collins, underscoring their continued support amidst the ongoing conflict initiated by Russia's full-scale invasion.

Foreign Minister Winston Peters emphasized the importance of this support, highlighting the invasion's violation of international law and its devastating human and regional impact. The allocated funds are designated for the International Fund for Ukraine, led by the United Kingdom, to assist in the procurement of weapons and ammunition, with $6.5 million earmarked for this purpose. Additionally, $7 million will support international agencies and organizations offering humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, including those displaced to neighboring countries. Another $3 million is directed towards the World Bank's Trust Fund to aid in Ukraine's recovery, reconstruction, and reforms. The package also includes the development of new sanctions under the 2022 Russia Sanctions Law.

Defense Minister Judith Collins noted the contribution of up to 97 New Zealand Special Operations Forces personnel who have been in Europe and Great Britain, assisting in training Ukrainian soldiers and providing intelligence, communications, and logistical support. This commitment is part of New Zealand's ongoing efforts to work alongside international partners in support of Ukraine.

This additional aid brings New Zealand's total contribution over the past two years to over NZ$100 million, reaffirming the country's dedication to supporting Ukraine and upholding a rules-based international order.

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