“Nova Poshta” Opens in Lithuania

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, March 17, 2023
“Nova Poshta” Opens in Lithuania

On March 20, an office of the Ukrainian logistics operator opens in Vilnius

Nova Poshta is the largest private postal operator in Ukraine. After the start of the war, the NP network began to follow its clients — Ukrainian refugees. Today there are branches of Ukrainian posts in Poland (18 offices in different cities), the Czech Republic, Germany and Romania.

On March 20, the first branch opens in Lithuania, in Vilnius. The department will be able to receive-send a parcel up to 1.000 kg, which is very convenient for international deliveries.

In 2022, these branches transported 6.5 million parcels, 4 million of which went to Poland and Germany since that is where the largest number of refugees are now located.

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