Opening of a New Plant in the Industrial Park in the Kyiv Region

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, July 28, 2022
Opening of a New Plant in the Industrial Park in the Kyiv Region

A plant with an area of ​​4.000 ㎡ is being built in the "White Church" industrial park with an investment of $2 mln

The construction of a plant has begun in the White Church industrial park; the launch is scheduled for November 1. This was announced by the founder of UFuture, Vasily Khmelnitsky.

"During the war, we felt a big request from Ukrainian manufacturers from the regions to relocate to the White Church industrial park. They have an alternative — moving to the EU, but it is important for the economy to leave manufacturers in the country: these are taxes, jobs and development. Today we construction of new modern premises for a plant on 4.000㎡ has started in IP White Church. The investment amount will be approximately $2 million," Yuriy Khmelnitsky.

Khmelnytsky added that this project would be the company's record for the speed of construction.

"Already on November 1, we will start production there. Now we are negotiating with several applicants from Mykolaiv and Kharkiv," Khmelnytskyi added.

Earlier, the investor said that 11.000 ㎡ industrial premises for the relocation of enterprises, the estimated investment is $ 6.5 million. The entrepreneur announced plans to build 30 factories in White Church.

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