Orban’s Policies Criticizes at Home

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Orban’s Policies Criticizes at Home

On 23 October, public protests were held in Hungary

"Orban gets lost" was written on the protest posters. Thousands of residents, mostly teachers, and students, took to the streets to protest. People defended their rights and future on a symbolic day — the 66th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution. The protesters said that Orban had given government teachers a meager salary and inflation in September exceeded 20%. People say that inflation is rising further than wages. Meanwhile, the protesters remind that Orban was "shouting" to protect his people. The Russian attack on Ukraine affected all countries, including their economic sphere. Orban has behaved strangely since the first days of consideration of European sanctions against Russia. Slowing down decision-making on the components of the sanctions package — Orban claimed to care so much for the people. The prime minister of Hungary told his people that he was doing everything to keep the country economically stable while Europe "rolled into the pit". During the eight months of the war, the Hungarians did not notice the confirmation of these words.

Some participants of the procession held posters with the inscription "Russian go home". This reflects people's views on what the minister is doing when discussing new bans for the aggressor country. The Hungarian authorities applied for the exclusion of some Russian citizens from sanctions lists. Orban then withdrew his request, but the fact is recorded. The prime minister also obtained gas exemptions in the 8-pack sanctions for the aggressor. Thus, the EU cannot set a ceiling on gas prices or lead the countries to a complete rejection of Russia's fuel services.

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