Outstanding Ukrainian Startups at “Consumer Electronics Show ” 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
Outstanding Ukrainian Startups at “Consumer Electronics Show ” 2022

Ukrainians created a robohand and clever mask

It is expected to present Ukrainian startups around the world throughout a year.

From January 5 to January 8, 2022, the Consumer Electronics Show, where innovators worldwide presented their technological innovations, was held in Las Vegas.

Ukrainian applied science corporations as well. It was the first time that 8 startups applied for participation from Ukraine.  We’ll introduce some of the winners of the selection.

A new-generation robot-arm

Robotization significantly changes people's way of living.

"Clever" crutches

The plan develops clever nozzles on crutches that monitor and tape body load using sensors. This helps accelerate the rehabilitation of people with disorders and/or lower limb traumas, reducing the risk of complexity and preventing re-injury.

Fireside using a cassette

The inventors of  Ukrainian fireplace s Neverdark presented a bio-fireplace with a bonfire, but it hadn't any scent or fumes. Another "smart house" member is fueled with particular cassettes and gives an option to correct the level of flare according to your comfort. 

Remote control of basic criteria of the human body

The gadget is fastened to the heart  by means of a particular plaster with a sensor. With such an item, doctors can monitor EKG index, sleep measurements, heartbeat and breathing rate, etc., through a smartphone program. As the designers mentioned, the device can prevent about 40 various illnesses.

The world’s first mask with emotions

It responds to the motion of your head, moves her mouth while having a dialogue, and can show different emotions of the owner. It says "No", if you move your head here and there. "Yes" — if you move backward and forwards. 

Via Bluetooth and the application, you can choose emoji or pictures that will be shown on the mask. It would be useful for people who desire to go unnoticed and create outstanding content.

Ukrainians never cease to amaze the world. This year they will do it at London Tech Week, Expo 2020 in Dubai, and Web Summit in Lisbon.

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