Participation of France in the Restoration of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Participation of France in the Restoration of Ukraine

Reconstruction and creation of a business climate

On July 9, Pierre Heilbronn, the special representative of France for assistance and restoration of Ukraine, arrived in Kyiv.

"To discuss transformation and reforms, together with our EU and G7 friends. To advance the many French projects in the health, essential infrastructure, tech sectors, etc," Heilbronn on Twitter.

Ukraine and France are closely cooperating in the restoration of Ukraine. In particular, Paris officially recognised Kyiv as a citizen of Paris in order to more easily and quickly resolve the issues of transferring the necessary tools and materials to Kyiv to restore the city and region.
France also took patronage over the Chernihiv region, where Heilbronn and his Latvian colleagues went on an excursion.

For several days, Pierre Heilbronn met with representatives of local administrations, discussed the mechanisms for the restoration of Ukraine, formulated by the European Commission. The European plan will help not only to restore the infrastructure of Ukraine but to create a space favourable for investment and business development.

"Our cooperation has taken shape in many fields and it will continue to strengthen in the coming months and years," Heilbronn.

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