Payments to Children for Vaccination

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 3, 2022
Payments to Children for Vaccination

Social assistance will be provided to children aged 14-18

The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine decided on a one-time payment of financial aid for vaccination against COVID-19 as early as last year. The program was called E-aid. More than several thousand Ukrainians have already benefited from the support of the state. Ukrainians who have received two doses of vaccination are credited with a bank card with $32. This money can be used for cultural purposes: 

  • Going to the movies;
  • Purchase of books;
  • Theatre visits, etc.

In early February, the cabinet approved the extension of the social program. The bill will enter into force on 7 February. Children aged 14 and over will now receive $32 after vaccination. The Government explains this as necessary support for schoolchildren under quarantine conditions.

In addition to spending on cultural development, children will be able to:

  • Buy sporting goods;
  • Purchase office supplies and other items that may be useful during studying;
  • Use for development in sport;
  • Payment for extra-curricular sections;
  • Tuition and accommodation lodging fees;
  • Food purchases in schools and other educational institutions.

As with adult E-aid, post-vaccination social assistance for children will be provided only in online cash form. Children will be able to pay for the above services through bank cards. To get the card, young Ukrainians need to go to the bank with their parents.

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