Poland Officially Recognizes Russian Regime as Terrorist

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Poland Officially Recognizes Russian Regime as Terrorist

On October 26, the Polish senate unanimously adopted a resolution recognizing the Putin regime as a terrorist

The Polish senate announces the unanimous adoption of a resolution recognizing Putin's terrorist regime as a terrorist. The parliamentarians discussed the high brutality of the Russian army and military leadership against the Ukrainians and stated the need to bring to justice all those responsible for the aggression against Ukraine.

"These crimes require an international response, not only in terms of humanitarian and military assistance but also in terms of legal assistance," senator Oleksandr Potsei.

The senators declared that there were no disagreements between the ruling party of Russia and its opposition. Therefore, they called on other states not to postpone the recognition of Russia as a terrorist country. We remind you that Poland was the first state officially recognize Russia's actions against Ukraine as genocide.

Earlier, on October 13, PACE officially recognized Putin's regime as a terrorist one. On October 18, Estonia passed a similar resolution.

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