Poland Voted for Ukraine’s NATO Membership

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, May 12, 2023
Poland Voted for Ukraine’s NATO Membership

On May 11, Polish senators adopted a resolution in support of Ukraine in the process of joining the alliance

Polish Radio reports that senators have held a vote on Ukraine's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. The politicians unanimously decided and noted that they consider the Ukrainian army the strongest on the continent. The resolution also states that Ukraine's armed forces became the main defence of Europe during the Russian military aggression. This fact allows Poland to conclude that Ukraine is ready for NATO membership. According to the document, Poland believes that the admission of Ukraine to a military-political union should take place under an accelerated procedure. It should be recalled that Finland recently underwent the same procedure and signed a joint document with the alliance on April 4.

"The Ukrainian army is rapidly rearming with NATO equipment and using operational skills and tactics developed for decades among Western allies. Defenders need real support because of closer political and military cooperation with NATO countries," wrote the document.

Poland continues to support Ukraine and notes that if the Russian Federation regards the invasion of Ukraine as a defence against the NATO approach, everything must be done to ensure that this opinion is false. The Senate believes that if Ukraine loses, the Kremlin will continue to fight NATO, and the first victims will be Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia.

The Polish resolution also mentions the forthcoming NATO summit. The senators believe that Ukraine should receive more guarantees of joining NATO during the meeting in Vilnius.

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