Providing “Combat Birds” to Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 18, 2022
Providing “Combat Birds” to Ukraine

The American government is considering the procedure of handing over the "Gray Eagle" drones to Ukraine

In America, the issue of the supply of strike drones to Ukraine was raised for discussion. The Gray Eagle is considered one of America’s strongest drones. It is equipped with Hellfire anti-tank missiles and semi-active laser guidance. On board, the "bird" is placed from 4 to 8 missiles depending on the version of the drone, range — of 8 km. It can be flown for up to 25 hours, with a maximum flight speed of 309 km/h.

According to preliminary information, the American government can hand over to Ukraine for protection version MQ-1C Grey Eagle. It includes a drone and a flight control station. The cost of such a model is at least $21.5 million. Now the foreign Ministry of defence decides how to hand over to Ukraine truly effective weapons. America fears that the drone may lose sensitive technology. Therefore, the Ukrainian Armed Forces can obtain a modified MQ-1C Grey Eagle.

If the US decides to transfer such a drone, an analogue of the Turkish Bayraktar will appear in Ukraine. However, the famous Bayraktar is most often used for reconnaissance. So, the American "eagle" will help the soldiers destroy targets at coordinates obtained from the Turkish drone.

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